Behavior Subject to Conduct Procedures

The University may find a student, group of students, or a Registered Student Organization responsible for the acts listed below which occur on University property or at a University-sponsored function. Additionally, the University may find a student responsible for acts of personal misconduct that are not committed on University property if the acts arise from University activities that are being conducted off the University campus or if the misconduct undermines the security of the University community or the integrity of the educational process.

Yellow Dot Rule Line

Academic & Personal Misconduct, may include, but is not limited to the following:

Acting as an Accessory Hazing
Acting with Violence Interference
Actions that Endanger Intoxication
Advertising/Solicitation Lewd, Indecent or Obscene Conduct
Alcohol or Drug Violations Parking Violations
Bomb Threats/False Report Physical Abuse/Harm
Cheating Plagiarism
Computer/Information System Misuse Possession of Firearms/Weapons
Damage to or Destruction to University Property Sexual Assault
Dishonest Conduct Stealing
Disorderly Conduct Unauthorized Entry, Use, or Occupancy
Fabrication Verbal Abuse
Facilitating Academic Dishonesty Violation of Course Rules
Failure to Comply Violation of Local, State, or Federal Law
Fireworks & Explosive Devices Violation of other University Regulations