Student Employee Initiative - SEI




What is the Student Employee Initiative (SEI)?

The SEI is a student support program housed within the Division of Student Affairs. It provides student employees with access to training opportunities designed to improve their overall work performance, leadership skills and chances of career success.





 The specific goals of the SEI are to:

  • Provide student employees with access to additional training opportunities designed   to improve their overall work performance, leadership skills and chances of career success.
  • Foster, encourage and support student learning, academic, professional and career success and retention.
  • Help the Ferris professional staff become even more effective and innovative in meeting their departmental goals by improving the work performance of their student employees.
  •  Improve collaboration, cooperation, and wherever possible, integration of student employee training opportunities among all Ferris offices, departments, colleges and divisions while respecting their autonomy and independence.
  • Heighten student awareness of the many training opportunities, events and activities available for
    them as student employees.
  •  Encourage students to utilize OrgSync and Bulldog CareerLink to reflect upon and chronicle what they learn as a result of being a student employee and/or student leader.


The SEI Student Learning Outcomes connect to University Wide Learning Outcomes as outlined here.


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