Career Planning and You!

Career Planning or otherwise known as the Career Development Process is a life-long process of self assessment, exploring options, developing skills, marketing yourself, and performing on the job.

What is Career Development?
The Career Center office, along with other Ferris State University offices, offer support, education, and guidance through-out this process.

Visit the Educational and Career Counseling office to take a Career Interest Test and review your results with a Career Counselor.

There are free interest surveys available online, use caution as there is not a career counselor available. Note: Career Center does not endorse these websites, they are only for information purposes.

  • Career Key: The #1 source for choosing a career, career pathway, college major, or training program
  • O*Net Interest Profiler: Self-assessment career exploration tool

When you have narrowed down your options to 3-5 careers, exploring all there is to know will help you in making an educated decision. Research things such as; job growth, salary, education required, and daily job tasks.

If you need more help, schedule a CAREER PLANNING appointment with a Career Center professional.

Appointments are available using Bulldog CareerLink.

When you have decided on your career, it is important to research what employers in the field are looking for in a qualified candidate. Do this by researching online, attending an employer information session, the career fair, or talk to your professors.

Then you need to spend your academic years obtaining the skills they are looking for inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. Gain skills by:

  • Getting good grades and fully participating in classroom projects
  • Attending professional conferences
  • Become a member of a Registered Student Organization
  • Obtain a student job on or off campus through the Student Employment office
  • Obtain an internship by talking with your academic adviser and searching for openings on Bulldog CareerLink
  • Volunteer with a community agency
  • Attend Career Center workshops and certificate programs; events are located in Bulldog CareerLink calendar and events sections

If you need more help, schedule a CAREER PLANNING appointment with a Career Center Professional.

Appointments are available using Bulldog CareerLink.

Now that you have invested the research and time to gain skills, learning how to market those skills effectively to an employer will lead you quickly to your dream job!

This involves writing an effective resume and cover letter, selling your stories in an interview, creating a portfolio, and completing your co-curricular transcript.

Involves pulling it all together, applying for jobs and performing well in those jobs. Then the career development process begins again while you transition in your job, get promoted, or decide to change careers.

Attend the "Real Life" Transitioning from College to Professional Work; workshop series to learn more about this process. Held Spring semester during the Grad Fair (more information in Bulldog CareerLink).