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You can not gain employment without some type of an interview. The interview may be by telephone, email, in person, or at dinner. Career Center is here to help you have a successful interview.

Preparation before you start applying for interviews 

  • Open a professional email account
  • Change your voice mail message to a professional message that includes your name
  • Make a list of important information you want to gather when you get a call to interview; number of interviewers and their names, exact locations, phone number of contact person, type of interview (panel, multiple interviews, behavioral based, testing), and do they want you to bring anything specific
  • Schedule a Mock Interview with the Career Center office! Available by appointment - request form available on Bulldog CareerLink.

Utilize Interview Stream - Online video practice interviewing system. Simulated online interviews for job seekers to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills - this awesome system is available

Days Before the Interview

  • Purchase and/or clean your interview attire
  • Drive by the location, checking for traffic patterns to assure you won't be late
  • Gather your portfolio, make copies of your resume, and reference list

Start the Interview

  • Greet all people you encounter as they are the hiring manager
  • Firm handshake, introduce yourself, and tell them what position your are interviewing for
  • Use small talk effectively to decrease nervousness, make a personal connection with employer and begin to feel comfortable. Avoid highly debated topics and illegal/protected information like your marital status. **Employers want to know you fit in to their work environment; this is evaluated through small talk!

Answering Questions

Ending the Interview

  • Thank the employer for their time
  • Ask what the next step is

Thank You Letter

  • Send a Thank You letter to set yourself apart from the competition, comment on something you forgot to say, or just thank them for their time.
  • Must be sent immediately, preferably received by the employer within 48 hours.
  • Can be via email or a typed card. But employers tell us a handwritten note still is most unexpected and appreciated.
  • Sample Thank You Letter