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Not sure if you will be interviewing on-campus? Need resumes of potential interns, graduating seniors, or alumni? Ferris State Career Center can help. Simply register for Bulldog CareerLink. Fast, efficient and always up-to-date and it is free.

As an employer, you are able to view our Resume Books to network and contact our students for interviews.

    • Resumes of prospective graduates and alumni who have registered with Bulldog CareerLink are available free of charge through our Ferris State Resume Book on Bulldog CareerLink. Once you are signed into the system just click on the tab titled "Resume Books"

    • Within the resume book you'll be able to search our current students resume database by using a variety of criteria including a key word search

    • You will be able to view and/or print the resumes of students matching your search criteria

    • Registration and approval for Bulldog CareerLink and the Resume Book will be required for first-time users. If you wish to start the approval process, please complete the online registration for Bulldog CareerLink

  • The Resume Book will not be made available to employment agencies or executive search firms. For those agencies wishing to access Ferris State graduates please list your positions through Bulldog CareerLink
  • Please note that our resume books are not available for Third Party recruiters.