Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I change my default Ship-To information?
Q. Where do I get a W9?,
Q. I have run the daily FPIREQS report, and have a couple of PO's showing up from 2005, yet when I go in and look at the documents they show being completed, Do you know where I can look to see what the report looks for and why these are being included? Also where do I find bookshelf?
Q. I can't choose receiver/no receiver on my requisition. I used to be able to do this.
Q. Why does the Purchasing Office change my payment terms when they convert my requisition?
Q. My requisition is under $2000 but I don't want to pay it with my p-card. How do I keep the purchasing office from canceling it?
Q. How do I get security access to Banner?
Q. How do I get a new Vendor added to Banner?
Q. How do I get security access to Banner?
Q. I know Mr Smith is in Banner because he's an employee why can't I find him as a vendor to reimburse his travel?
Q. What do I do to Resolve an incomplete document - Purchasing keeps sending me notes.
Q. Why do I have incomplete documents?
Q. Can I find incomplete documents myself?
Q. When I enter a requisition or direct pay invoice the vendor address says it's invalid. How do I get this corrected?
Q. Who is supposed to sign off on the ICDC?
Q. If I find and item within Staples Corporate Site and then look for it in our Staples Link Site, why would our site have a higher price?
Q. Where does a new vendor submit information regarding its services to FSU?