Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your default ship to information in Banner is stored in your profile. It must be updated by the person in charge of Security. Mike Grandy is currently our Finance Data Security contact.

  • Select Forms on the top navigation bar. Select the appropriate W-9 or W-8 that you need. If you have questions regarding what form to use please contact us.

  • This form FPIREQS is not accurate. If you want to find your incomplete documents try FOADOCU. Use the Query function F7 enter "I" in status and F8 to pull just incomplete documents.

    To determine where FPIREQS is being pulled from will require working with Sungard.

    Bookshelf - There is on-line help available. Please call the Purchasing Office if there is something specific you are in need of. Bookshelf is very general to the software without specifics on Ferris policies and procedures.

  • To get the Accounts payable look at the PO instead of the requisition this option was changed. The following will be standard: Goods ordered will require receivers. Services will not require receivers. Standing orders are always no receiver. If you have something out of the ordinary please state the exception in the document text
  • Payment terms are based on days from the Invoice date. The University cash flow is critical to our investments and thus our standard terms are Net 30. We do consider early pay discounts and special requests. A copy of a contract will be required as backup to change your net terms.

  • There are large costs to the University in processing requisition/POs/Invoices & Checks. Including entry, printing, mailing and reconciliation tasks. For this reason the most economical method of payment is p-card. If for some reason p-card is not accepted please note this in the document text.

  • Forms need to be completed and signed by appropriate personnel prior to getting access to the Banner system. All forms can be found on MyFSU under the MyWorkplace or MyBanner tab and Security Access and Training. A Confidential Data Security Agreement is required prior to access. There are three types of Banner forms: 1) Banner Finance, 2) Banner HR , and 3) Banner Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid, and Student. Fill out the form(s) you need to do your job. If you don't know which ones you need, please contact your supervisor or call the Data Security Office at 231.591.2132.

  • Purchasing has an on-line form to forward information to the Purchasing Department. Click here to request a new vendor. A W-9 must also be forwarded to the purchasing department for all new vendors, and new addresses. If the vendor is for reimbursement they only need to provide the last for digits of their social security number.

  • All persons & companies are 1st entered into the Master Banner file called GENERAL PERSON, from this file their information can be linked to the multiple systems (HR-Personnel or Payroll File), Student (Financial Aid or Class File), Finance (Vendor or Acct Mgr File). These modular tables are maintained by the specific areas as are the addresses that are associated within these areas. To process his reimbursement you need to request that Purchasing set him up as a vendor.

  • If you get notes about incomplete documents there should also be suggestions to resolve them. If the document is needed then it should be COMPLETED. If the document is not needed it should be REMOVED. Removal is accomplished by entering the document in Banner native and executing a command.
  • Multiple things can cause incomplete documents: intentionally closing it because you didn't have all the data, someone disapproving the documents will put it back in an incomplete status, errors in the document may cause posting to "roll" the document back, incorrectly closing a document (form).

  • Yes-FOADOCU will give you all documents for a specific fiscal year, if you use the query function you can look for just incomplete items. 1.) Enter your information in top of the form 2.) From the body of the form begin query 3.) Under the Status column enter "I" for incomplete and query
  • Immediate FIX - use the search button in your form (Seq#) to find the correct address, double click on the correct one and then tab to update the form. Long term - please notify the purchasing office to update the "default" address on this vendor.
  • The person that is initiating the contract or selected the vendor should sign in Part III – and then it should be forwarded to Purchasing for Approval.

  • Staples Advantage works with corporate accounts such as . We create a program for you based on the items you use most often. We price them aggressively and continue to work with you to monitor your usage. We adjust pricing according to your needs and we also quote items based on larger amounts or special circumstances. Our goal is to create a program for you that runs on a consistent level of pricing. It is always a work in progress.

    The Staples store runs on a retail driven platform. The pricing goes up and down based on the time of year and promotions they run. What is less on this site one week will be higher the next.

    They do not allow for pricing deviations. Everyone pays the same price and it changes from week to week. There are times when they are running a store sale or loss leader when an item might be cheaper than your contract but only for a short time and it usually is more of a retail driven item. (printers, software, retail office supplies that are not a standard) We have done studies where if you order from and Staples Advantage, overall there is at least a 25 to 30 percent savings with us. We work on a total program not item by item. Our goal is for you to have confidence in your Staples Advantage Program, the Retail store should be an enhancement to this program not a competitor.