Approval Policy

Approval requirements for purchases and contracts in specific amounts are described in the Board of Trustees Purchasing Policy.  Refer to the Board Policy Section in this manual for more details and see the chart below:




Purchasing President Board
$0.01 Through $5,000.00  check      

$5,000.00 Through $10,000.00Purchasing's Discretion to solicit quotations

 check  check    
$10,000.01 Through $150,000.00 Requires (3) quotations check   check    

Over $150,000.01 Sealed Bids Required

 check  check  check  
Construction over $250,000.00 Sealed bids and Advertising Required  check  check    check
Professional Services $25,000.00 or More  check  check    check


Authority to purchase for orders with a total cost of  $5,000 or less has been delegated from the Purchasing Officer to Account Managers, as defined in the Board of Trustees Purchasing Policy.  Based on this policy, these parameters have been established in the Financial Records System (FRS).  Account Managers or their designees are bound to follow purchasing rules as described in this Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual.  Delegation of authority can be removed for violation of policy.

Furthermore, only individuals with approved purchasing signature authorization can commit the University to an external purchase.  All “after-the-fact” purchase orders require the next higher level of approval.  Individuals making unauthorized or unapproved purchases may be subject to disciplinary action.