Skilled Trades

Carpentry & Painting

  • Tom Potrykus, Carpenter & Painting Supervisor
  • 2 Carpenter Locksmiths
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • Responsible for keying of all buildings
      • Complete core changes and enter new information into data bank on Best Computer System (Keystone 600).
      • Maintain a computer program with a record of all employee keys and locations.
      • Manage an inventory of door cores, lock parts, and other misc. door parts.
  • 6 Carpenters
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • Repair and installation of doors.
      • Repair windows, blinds & shades.
      • Repair flooring (i.e. carpet, tile).
      • Repair walls (i.e. drywall, concrete).
      • Repair ceilings and furniture as needed
  • 5 Painters
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • Painting of residence halls & campus apartments.
      • Maintenance painting of academic buildings.
      • Interior and exterior maintenance painting of all non-academic buildings.
      • Spray painting of small assemblies from throughout campus that are delivered to the Heavy Equipment Spray Booth.
      • Cleaning and painting of operational pieces of equipment as the need arises.
      • Design and apply University logos and artworks to newly painted walls.


  • Ken Rodenhouse, Electrical Supervisor
  • 5 Electricians
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • High Voltage campus wide distribution system
      • Power & Lighting system
      • Street, Walk & Exterior Lighting
      • Campus wide Clock system
      • Fire Alarm systems
  • 1 Elevator Mechanic
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • Elevators & Barrier Free lifts
      • Maintain On-site maintenance logs
      • Emergency extractions from stalled elevators
      • Aid in the development of plans & specifications for installation and renovation of elevators.


  • Brian Milligan, HVACR & Plumbing Supervisor
  • 7 HVACR Mechanics
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • Maintenance and the operation of all campus building environmental systems and controls.
      • Repair and installation of environmental systems and refrigeration systems in the food centers.
      • Chemical treatment of cooling tower evaporators.
      • Low pressure steam systems maintenance.
      • Record keeping of repairs and refrigerant uses.


  • Kevin Myers, HVACR & Plumbing Supervisor
  • 6 Plumbers
    • Responsibilities/Duties:
      • Plumbing maintenance and repair at residence halls and campus apartments including plumbing fixtures, water heaters, waterside heating equipment and furnaces.
      • Maintenance and repair of plumbing systems, plumbing fixtures, water heaters and kitchen equipment in academic buildings and commercial kitchens.
      • Maintenance and minor repair of campus high pressure steam / condensate systems.
      • Repair, replacement and coordinating with the city on campus water service systems.
      • Repair and/or replacement of residential appliances.
      • Continuous development and upgrading of maintenance and repair programs.

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