FY14 Projects
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Initiative % Complete Comments
1 Replace Novell Dir. w/Microsoft Active Directory 100  All faculty, staff, and student accounts have been successfully migrated from Novell to Active Directory.

This project was completed in October 2013.

12 IT Network infrastructure: ongoing upgrades 100  Network upgrades in STR, NEC, VFS, and BUS are completed.
13 Upgrade wireless networks in academic buildings 100  Wireless upgrades in STR, NEC, VFS, and BUS are completed.
14 Implement alternate email and calendaring system 100  This project was completed on June 30, 2014. All Ferris employees were migrated in February (Pilot), March and April of 2014.
15 Implement Microsoft Systems Center 100  The Kace product has been fully implemented as per the scope of the project.
17 University Web Server 33  Due to the approval of the MyFSU upgrade, this project will be re-evaluated to determine how both MyFSU and the University web site will interact.
21 Develop external hosting model 100  The evaluation is complete and the project closed. Any new projects will be reviewed to determine if they can be completed in a Software as a Service model.
27 PC Replacement 100  For administrative replacements in the summer, primary computer technicians were used to install all new computers. The project was divided into two rounds. The first that occurs during the summer addresses all non-academic divisions. The second occurs in the fall for all academic customers. The timeline went a little longer during the summer than hoped. Adjustments were made and a team approach was used for replacements throughout academics in the fall. This approach was very successful and had all new computers in place by the end of November, about one month earlier than planned. The number of computers replaced were 191.

Last updated: 09-03-2014