Professional Development Committee

Professional development consists of engaging in planned learning activities designed to maintain and advance faculty members’ competence within their respective disciplines. This grant is intended to encourage and support faculty in their pursuit of professional development.  The types of proposals that are encouraged are those that:

  1. Increase faculty competence by acquiring new teaching/counseling skills, updating instructional/counseling techniques, or pursuing recent advances in a discipline.
  2. Develop or implement and evaluate innovative or alternate approaches to classroom instruction or counseling.
  3. Develop disciplinary skills or strategies to enhance faculty/student collaborations.
  4. Involve collaborative efforts within or across academic disciplines.

Please see the currentGuidelines for submitting Professional Development Proposalsfor information on how to prepare a proposal. Please CLICK HERE to download the evaluation rubric.

Funding Cycles:

The committee will accept and review application two times during the year, and a third cycle will be offered if there are remaining funds. Faculty should select an application date that allows them to use the award within one year of notification (see dates below).

Grant Period Proposal due Award notification
1st 4:00 pm, November 18, 2016 December 12, 2016
2nd 4:00 pm, March 17, 2017 April 17, 2017
3rd* 4:00 pm, September 15, 2017 October 13, 2017

* only offered if funds are available.

Berghoef as part of US-El Salvador election observation delegation 2014

Professor Mike Berghoef (second from left) participates in the U.S. - El Salvador Sister Cities 2014 Election Observation Delegation.