Library/Historical/Archival Committee




This committee shall:


  • Facilitate communication between LHAC and the College/units represented.


  • Identify opportunities for collaboration between College/units and FLITE for further integration of information discovery/access, responsible information use and services into the curriculum and into faculty, staff and student intellectual development.


  • Advise the Library on information resources, physical and virtual learning space use, learning material/modules, technologies and service needs to ensure all users irrespective of on-campus or off-campus/online experience the same quality and relevant information access opportunities.


  • Promote the development, collection and preservation of the College/unit’s intellectual and creative expression for inclusion in the Ferris Institutional Repository (FIR) for sharing knowledge with other researchers.


  • Advise the University Archives on programmatic and outreach activities.


  • Work to enable FLITE to satisfy program-specific as well as general accreditation standards and expectations.


04/14/15 LHAC approved



Committee Structure
One faculty member from each college
One librarian
Library Archivist
Library Dean or his/her representative