Academic Planning Council Procedures

  1. Membership will consist of nine regular members: one for each academic college and a member from the Librarian/Counselor unit. Each member will each serve a three year term, except for the initial committee established with staggered terms to include 3 members with a four year term, 3 members with a three year term, and 3 members with a two year term. Ex-officio and non-voting members must include a representative from Institutional Research, a representative from UCEL, and the Chairs of APRC and UCC. Others may attend as needed as ex-officio and non-voting participants including the Chairs of the University Assessment Committee and University General Education Committee, the Senate President, a representative from the College of Professional and Technological Studies.

  2. Members will be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Senate following Article IX, Section 1, of the Policy and Procedure of the Academic Senate for the Selection of Committee Members.

  3. The Chair of the ISPC shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Senate for a two year term as chair from the membership of the committee.

  4. The ISPC shall have the authority to request data from other committees on campus, such as the Instructional Technology committee, related to its charge.

  5. As necessary, with the expressed approval of the Senate President, the ISPC will have the power to form ad hoc task forces to collect and review data and make suggestions to the ISPC. Members to such task forces can be directly appointed by the ISPC based on the expertise of the individuals. Ad hoc task forces can vary in size and composition. The Executive Committee of the Senate shall be apprised of the formation of any task force and its members within ten days of its formation.

  6. The ISPC will initially submit a planning document within two years of its formation to the Executive Board of the Senate so that the document can be reviewed at the August Retreat. Every two years the ISPC will submit a revised planning document to the Senate. On alternative years when not presenting a report, the ISPC will submit a progress report to the Executive Board of the Senate for the August retreat.