Academic Planning Council

Resolution for the Academic Senate Establishing an Academic Strategic Planning Council March 14, 2006

The following resolution is brought before the Academic Senate for adoption:


  1. Ferris State University needs to engage in regular institutional strategic planning activities to anticipate future conditions, meet future needs, and take advantage of future opportunities;
  2. The University has a well-qualified faculty, broadly experienced in the workplace and in higher education;
  3. Currently no faculty body exists that provides the University with advice and recommendations regarding institutional strategic planning for the future;
  4. The University would benefit from receiving regular advice and recommendations from such a faculty body;
  5. The Academic Senate already has permanent committees and councils through which it addresses issues and offers insights to the University on a variety of subjects;
  6. As the voice of the faculty and the one body in which all faculty throughout the University are represented, the Academic Senate is the appropriate sponsor for a body focusing on institutional strategic planning.