1. Review the Decision Tree and determine if you project needs an animal protocol.

  2. Meet with Animal Care Facility Coordinator (231-591-2246 or RichardMarble@ferris.edu)

  3. Meet with the Attending Veterinarian (JamesScott@ferris.edu)

  4. Complete Animal Care and Use Protocol / Proper Appendices

    A. Review the application flowchart while filling out your IACUC protocol application

    B. Gain proper signatures from Animal Care Facility Coordinator/Vet/Department Chair/Head/Dean

  5. Complete Occupational Health and Safety Packet/Risk Assessment Form/Health Assessment forms following the SOP on the OHS Page

  6. Submit OHS Risk Assessment forms to Birkam Health to the attention of Candace Price.

  7. Submit Protocol to IACUC Chair at least one week before the next IACUC meeting.

  8. Once your protocol is approved, meet again with the Animal Care Facility Coordinator to receive access codes and facility orientation.