Diversity Enhancement Award

Michael Wade - 2013 Diversity Enhancement Award RecipientThe Diversity Enhancement Award is conferred upon a faculty or staff member who demonstrates a significant commitment to enhancing diversity and harmonious relationships at Ferris State University. The 2013 Diversity Enhancement Award Committee recommended Michael Wade, Assistant Director of Ferris’ Office of Multicultural Student Services, as the recipient of this honor.

The nomination letters received for Michael indeed supported the idea that he has made many significant contributions to promoting diversity and acceptance on our campus. One nominator shares the following:

“Michael has a talent for conceiving out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities for students that they truly enjoy. I am a faculty member, and any instructor can tell you how difficult it is to get students to attend events on campus, let alone off campus. Yet, when Michael builds it, they come. He consistently draws upon the University-wide Student Learning Outcomes in the programming he develops. I was fortunate enough to watch from the sidelines while he developed one of these, and it was at that moment that FSU needs to honor this individual for his passionate and effective work.”

In support of his nomination, several students shared that Michael empowers them, and they view Michael as their role model and definition of success. Michael’s thought-provoking declaration, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you your future,” is one that resonates with students as Michael teaches students to surround themselves with people who have higher goals and will stimulate them to never stop striving to be better. He has led a lengthy list of diversity-related initiatives that has positively impacted the climate of Ferris and allowed students from all backgrounds to feel a sense of belonging here at Ferris. One such initiative was a student-led minority student-recruitment initiative called the Imagine More Student Life Bus Tour in which 30 students from Ferris RSOs traveled around to recruit in Chicago, Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Saginaw, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Benton Harbor, aligning their presentation with our Admissions office goals but also providing a vivid example for juniors and seniors in these areas that Ferris was a place where they could belong. Another successful initiative that he developed and coordinated called Transitions to Success: Multicultural Freshman Orientation for incoming underrepresented students helps to give students a place of belonging in a diverse community as they enter college. These examples are but just a couple of initiatives that Michael has led to make Ferris a diverse, harmonious and accepting campus, and a welcoming place for students from all backgrounds.

Michael, we sincerely appreciate your efforts to make Ferris State University an inclusive community. Congratulations on being chosen as the recipient of the 2013 Diversity Enhancement Award.

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