Grant Management Process (Post Award)

Congratulations! Your grant proposal has been funded! This reward reflects your hard work, dedication, and vision. Now, you will need to manage your funded project. Although this can be a challenging process, you will be advised and supported by the Post Award Grants Management Staff every step of the way.

For questions (and answers!), contact:

Karen S. Thompson
Grants Officer
Prakken 255A
Ph: 231-591-2157
Fax: 231-591-2975
Loura Monahan
Grants Accountant
Prakken 255
Ph: 231-591-3905
Fax: 231-591-3902
Teresa Allen
Financial Assistant
Prakken 255
Ph: 231-591-2156
Fax: 231-591-3902

Responsibilities in Grant Management

The Principal Investigator (PI), the College Deans, the Grants Accounting Office, and the Account Clerk assigned to the grant each have an important role to play in grant management. Click here for a guide to these roles.

Procedures in Grant management