Now That I Have the Grant, What Do I Do?

Check Points for Implementing and Reporting on Grant Funds

Notification of Award – A copy of the award notice, or letter of award, needs to be sent to:

PHR 312
Phone: (231) 591-2547
Fax: (231) 591-2226

Prakken Room 255
Phone: (231) 591-2156
FAX: (231) 591-2975

FEDERAL GRANTS require additional contractual stipulations and verification.  If you have received a federal grant, please contact:

(231) 591-2156

Review the Award letter - Does the award meet the needs of the principal investigator?  You may be awarded less money than you asked for, and you may be asked to submit a revised budget to your funder.   Ask yourself: can I meet my proposal goals with the amount awarded?

Obtain appropriate approvals – Read the instructions on the award acceptance form.  This form must be completed by authorized university officials before the award can be accepted by the university.  Also, in some cases, the Board of Trustees must approve a grant award.  Call the Investment & Grant Accounting Office at (231) 591- 2156 for further instructions.

Determine if there are additional contractual requirements regarding the grant.  Is there a standard contract included in the award letter?  All contracts must be signed by the Vice President for Administration & Finance, located at Prakken 157.

Determine if there are outside consultants or other professional services involved that would require contractual agreements. If so, call the Investment & Grant Accounting Office at (231) 591- 2156 for further instructions.

Does your project involve research? Consider the following :

Anne Hawkins
Lab Safety Coordinator

CSS 310 G
(231) 591-2154

Does your project require use of a laboratory?

The Lab safety coordinator works with faculty and staff members to develop and implement regulatory compliance programs to address the unique human and environmental needs of our academic colleges.

Lab Safety website

Institutional Review Board

PHR 308
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone:  231-591-2553

Does your research involve Human Subjects?

Any research project or other activity that involves human test subjects must be reviewed by this Committee.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research 

Janice Weaver, Chair
Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

ASC 2098
Ph: 231-591-3597

Does your research involve the use of animals?

Any research project or other activity that involves the use of animals must be reviewed by the IACUC.

IACUC Web Site

Grant Reporting requires the use of specific fund numbers and each grant must be separately accounted for. Please call the Investment & Grant Accounting Office at (231) 591- 2156 for assistance. Your Dean's Office or Departmental Account Clerk staff may be able to assist in the following functions:

  1. Request for New Fund # (attach award letter for proper classification) - This is sent to the Grant Office. Call the Grant Office at (231) 591-2156 to discuss the need for a new account to monitor grant revenue and expenses. A Request for New Account form will be sent to the department. The form is available on the FSU Web site. Call (231) 591-2156 for help.
  2. Budget information must be submitted with the request for new account form. In order to do this, you must review the budget that was proposed and compare it to your award letter. Is it the same? Are there items excluded as part of the award? Contact (231) 591-2156 for assistance.

Once an account number is established, the budget will be loaded. The Accounting Office will notify the authorized signer once the account is opened.

Report Requirements – Please call the Grant Accounting Office. We will walk you through the reporting requirements of the grant. Who will be reporting on the status of the grant? What information will be required? Please contact the Grant Accounting Office at (231) 591-2156 to determine the appropriate notification and reporting process.

Matching Funds – If a grant calls for the use of matching funds, these funds must be identified and encumbered or moved as soon as available. A review of matching funds takes place when a new grant account is created.

Indirect Costs – Indirect costs are the overhead or administrative expenses incurred by the university when carrying out a grant funded program. Indirect cost rates are a percent of recoverable costs paid by federal or state funders to the university for running a grant funded project. Indirect cost rates are negotiated between the university and these granting agencies. The receipt of indirect costs will vary based on the frequency of request for funds and the expense patterns of the grant. Indirect costs will not be paid for until the appropriate expenses have been charged to the grant.

Request for Funds – The Grant Accounting Office will request funds for all federal and state grants (any exception will be per agreement). For all other grants -- private, corporate, or local -- the principal investigator may request funds directly. (All checks for funds will be made payable to Ferris State University and immediately deposited into University approved bank accounts). It is important to use the appropriate account codes for the receipt of grant money. Federal grant funds have a different revenue code than state grant funds. For questions on which codes to use, contact (231) 591-2156. A copy of the business office receipt will be forwarded to the Grant Accounting Office for audit documentation purposes.