Funded SRA Projects

Funded Projects for SRA awards



Dan Adsmond (Physical Sciences- CAS)

Project: Growth of X-ray Quality Sulfamethazine Cocrystals and Analysis of the Crystal Packing

Student Research Assistant: B Querin Wierckz (Chemistry)


Michael Berghoef (Social Work-CAS)

Project: Optimizing Integration of International Academic Service Experiences

Student Research Assistant: Haley Stegman (Social Work)


Tracey Boncher (Pharmaceutical Sciences)            

Project: The Synthesis and Purification of Novel PPAR gama/delta dual agonists for Diabetes              

Student Research Assistants: Preston Taylor (Pharmacy), Jeremy Spencer (Pre-Pharmacy), and Michelle May (Biology)


Jim Hoerter (Biological Sciences-CAS)

Project: I Ablation of Melanocytes using Neocuproine (NCP)

Student Research Assistant: Andrew Laseck (Biotechnology)


Project: Biology  DNA Damage and Repair in Melanocytes Following Solar Radiation              

Student Research Assistant: Lauren Clements (Biotechnology)


Project: Effects of High Intensity UVA on Melanocyte Stem Cells

Student Research Assistant: Alec Hapman (Biology, Pre-Med)


Bradley Isler (Biological Sciences- CAS)

Project: The development of capillary sequencing and real-time PCR genotyping protocols for the use in personalized medicine exercises.

Student Research Assistant: Abigail Dutkiewicz (Biotechnology/Forensic Biology)


Stephanie Thomson & Paul Zube (Humanities-CAS)

Project: Media coverage of bullying and Implicit Power Structures 

Student Research Assistants: Andrea Ayotte (History) and Kelley Bearer (Communication)


Mark Thomson (Physical Sciences- CAS) 

Project: Methodology Improvement for Analytical Testing in Fermentation Processes            

Student Research Assistants: Spencer Crittendon (Biotechnology),Caleb Archambault and William Killian (Chemistry, ICT)


Peter Zakrzewski (Graphic Design, Marketing-COB)           

Project: Empathic Disruption: The Role of Empathy inUser Experience Design for Technology"

Student Research Assistant: Timothy Gabriel (Graphic Design)


Mary Zimmer (Biological Sciences-CAS)  

Project: The effect of spinal cord injury on learning and memory    

Student Research Assistant: Illyas Fana (Biology, Pre-Med)


Project: Effect of upper body resistance training on short and long term memory    

Student Research Assistant: Aaron Jackowski (Biology, Pre-PT)