Student Research Assistantship (SRA) Program

NOTE: The SRA has been rolled into the Faculty Research Grant.  The Faculty Research Grant permits wages for student research assistants, as well as funds to support travel or supply expenses.  A second application cycle (October and January) has been added to this grant program.


The SRA program supports collaborative research projects between faculty and students at Ferris State University during the academic year (Fall and Spring only). The program is meant to encourage faculty to start or expand research beyond the classroom environment at Ferris by providing them support during the academic year, while allowing students to get research experience while enrolled full-time for classes.

What type of work do SRAs do? 

Check out these You Tube videos for examples.

Dr. Stephanie Thomson and Dr. Paul Zube:  Research on Bullying

Dr. Anne Spain : Microbes in the environment

Dr. James Hoerter: Using zebra fish to study Melonoma


Criteria for SRA eligibility

1) Student is in academic good standing (maintains at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 grade scale), and is enrolled full-time for classes at Ferris in the semester of the award period. Students with a prior SRF/SRA award are eligible. 

2) Student must be eligible to work as a student employee, with SRA hours counting towards the maximum allowable. Please consult the Student Employment Handbook for rules and regulations.

3) Faculty Member must be tenure line, available to supervise the work of the student for the entire period and must have a full time appointment for the academic year of the award period. 

4) Award must be used to support a research project, as appropriate for your discipline. Creative works/products are not in the scope of this program. The student must be engaged in the research in a meaningful way.

Additional information and requirements

1) Student will receive $8.15 per hour for up to 10hrs a week during the Fall and/or Spring semesters. The faculty member is required to verify the hours worked.

2) Faculty may request up to $600 in funds to support the project for ($300 for a single semester). The faculty member is responsible for budgeting and tracking these funds.

3) Faculty member must submit the report by May 15 that describes the outcomes and explains expenditures (form will be provided).

4) Student is encouraged to present a poster or oral presentation at the appropriate event for their college.

5) Faculty can mentor more than one student.  Faculty that submit more than 1 SRA application for the same semester / year should prioritize the projects in an email to


Additional questions can be addressed to Maureen Wawsczyk,  Academic Research Specialist.