Adjunct Clinical Faculty Approval Procedures
November 5, 1999 99:4



Adjunct clinical faculty make a valuable contribution to the educational process. This is especially true in health-related curricula involving clinical education. Adjunct clinical faculty are not assigned as instructors of record and are typically not directly reimbursed for their educational services.

Appointment and administration of adjunct clinical faculty is the responsibility of the dean of the college in which the appointment occurs. This appointment may include a designation of rank.

Adjunct clinical faculty are included in the University's Human Resource System and must meet educational, professional and experiential standards and procedures established by the respective college in order to be appointed. The criteria for appointment are to be consistent with those of comparable full-time or part-time faculty appointments.

The documentation making up a credentials file should balance the need of the University to assure the qualifications of the adjunct clinical faculty member and recognize the volunteer nature of the adjunct clinical faculty member's participation. However, sufficient documentation must be maintained so that it is clear that the appointment criteria have been met.