How do we decide which courses can/should be offered online?

Decisions about which courses will be offered online are made at the Department and College level.  The decision to offer a course online may be prompted by a number of variables.  Sometimes an individual faculty member will want to offer a course online and will develop the course for this delivery method.  Sometimes students will request that a course be offered online, and the department may respond to this interest.  Sometimes CPTS identifies courses that would assist off-campus students to complete their degrees and/or provide greater efficiency for the university (such as combining students at two or more sites to make a full class).  When these needs/desires become known, it is the responsibility of the department leadership to determine whether they will offer the course online, whether the course should be developed if it has not previously been developed, etc.  It is widely understood that not all classes lend themselves equally well to online delivery; nevertheless, across the country, an increasing number of courses are successfully taking advantage of technology and online delivery.