Who is planning for online at Ferris?

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible overall for online courses and programs.  Specifically, Associate VPAA Robbie Teahen is heading up this initiative for the office.  There are multiple groups involved.  A group convened in summer 2008, the E-Learning Management Advisory Team (E-MAT) has taken responsibility for setting strategic directions for online.  They have thus far proposed goals; identified target audiences; reconfirmed the fact that their mission is to support the Ferris mission, vision, and values; reviewed current budgets; identified priority audiences; identified priority issues; and developed a three-year budget proposal.  They have been meeting bi-weekly throughout the fall 2008 and spring 2009 semesters.  This group is chaired by Associate Vice President Robbie Teahen. 

The Advancing Online Task Force has existed for a few years and the focus of their current work is to focus on improvements to the teaching/learning process.  In the 2007-08 academic year they proposed an alternative SAI form for online instruction and have been providing extensive input to the question of student orientations.  Kimn Carlton-Smith chairs this group.

The Learning Technologies Advisory Board and related committees have been collapsed into the Learning Technologies Advisory Board (LTAB) effective Fall 2008.  During the fall of 2008, Gloria Lukusa-Barnett led this group that is comprised primarily of FerrisConnect trainers.  In Spring 2009, Mary Holmes leads the group.  The LTAB's focus is on the instructional technology associated with online instruction, whether blended, face-to-face, or fully online.  They provide guidance to the Information Technology about technology priorities, serve as testers of system improvements, and recommend enhancements.  They also plan and deliver training, through the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. 

In the fall of 2008, an additional committee was appointed by the Senate that will be chaired by John Schmidt.  Their primary focus is to serve as a conduit of information to and from the Senate from the varied online initiatives.