How far should we grow in online?

President Eisler’s view is that we should grow as much as we are capable of doing well.  At the same time, Ferris has built a significant infrastructure in Big Rapids that needs to continue to be efficiently utilized.  Thus, most believe that the online enrollment should not be instead of on-campus growth but should in fact enhance and expand that growth.  At present, the Ferris resources to support online are limited, so unlimited enrollment growth is not possible.  At the same time, it is online offerings that are growing fastest both at Ferris and across the nation.  This evolving delivery system is in demand from prospective students, and if they are unable to get what they want from Ferris in an online format, they will likely find it elsewhere.  All said, Ferris has built its planning based upon annual increases of a minimum of 10 percent, but we have experienced 20-30% growth in each of the past several semesters.  To grow further, we need additional program offerings in our inventory and an enhanced support system.  This added support is limited by the availability of resources, because the University’s total revenues have not increased significantly – we have a shifting demand for the programming.  Some suggest that on-campus students should primarily be offered a blended option, not a fully online section.