Who selects the faculty who teach online courses?

Faculty are reviewed and appointed by the College through which the course is offered.  Faculty who teach online are screened in the same ways as faculty who teach face-to-face, except that online faculty typically have one additional requirement.   Many departments have a faculty review process that includes faculty who teach in the department who decide whether a prospective faculty member has the proper experience to teach selected courses.  Sometimes it is a department head who reviews.  In all cases, similar qualifications are expected.  Individuals are identified as having been approved for particular courses within the program, department, or college.  The one additional consideration given to online faculty credentials is whether they have been trained in the use of the FerrisConnect system or the department chair/head of the area concludes that the individual has the required skills based upon prior teaching at Ferris or elsewhere.  This exception is made at the discretion of the department head.  In some cases, the College of Professional and Technological Studies will assist with identification of prospective faculty, but credentials are always submitted through the appropriate College and decisions about which faculty members are deemed to be qualified are made within the College.