How are decisions made about who gets paid to develop online courses?

Historically, the University Center for Extended Learning (now the College of Professional and Technological Studies) has paid for the development of online courses that are designed to meet the off-campus audience needs. With the academic year 2009-10, the development rate is $1,857.64 per credit. Reassigned time is also occasionally utilized for development. Individuals who wish to develop an online course that has not previously been developed for online delivery may request that they be paid for this development by submitting a request through their departments and the College and then to the College of Professional and Technological Studies. The Course Development Agreement is contained within the FFA contract as Appendix C. CPTS, in consultation with the online coordination through the Office of Academic Affairs, will determine whether funds are available to develop the course and whether it serves our distant clientele. Not all requests are honored. Each course is only paid once, and it is then available for other faculty members to use when the developing instructor chooses not to offer it or there are more sections that need to be covered. Recently, the E-Learning Management Advisory Team, faced with scarce resources, did not recommend budgeting funding for online development in the next academic year. Instead, they propose to develop a system for development of modules and strategies that would have broader appeal for online and blended courses. Paying for course development has not resulted in the sharing of full courses that was originally envisioned and seems counter to the Ferris and academic cultures, where individual faculty want the freedom to create their own instructional materials.