How are class sizes determined?

Class sizes were thought to be at the same size as approved by the Curriculum Committee when courses were approved or revised.  However, in some departments, special consideration has been allowed for online sections because they were thought to be more time intensive.  Some believed these to be “pilot” activities, but the subject of class size has become one of significant concern for many.  Therefore, there is a moratorium placed by the Office of Academic Affairs on changing any course caps until a university policy is developed.  During early 2008 a proposal was submitted to the FFA for their consideration.  That proposal – that suggested that cap sizes for face-to-face and online should be the same – was not considered acceptable without further review.  Subsequently, in November 2008, the Academic Affairs Office proposed that a task force be appointed to make recommendations on this topic.  The recommended composition of the task force is 3 from Senate; 3 from FFA; and 3 administrators appointed by the Office of Academic Affairs.  As of February 10, 2009, members of the task force have not yet been appointed and both entities (FFA and Senate) have been reminded of the need to address this topic.