Student Connections
Student Connections

CLS is a welcoming space of cultural exchange. It offers a Home Base for students to connect with and explore Latin@ and Latin America culture, history, and experiences by supporting the following:

Latin@ Student Organizations

CLS will support Latin@ Student Organizations at Ferris, such as the Hispanic Student Organization and the Spanish Club. We offer organizations IRC 131 as a home base for meetings, events, peer mentoring, studying, networking, lounge space, and other resources. For example, in collaboration with the Spanish Club, CLS will host the Spanish Table, an initiative fostering Spanish conversation between Spanish speaking faculty and students interested in the language.

Success in College and Beyond

CLS will support success in college and beyond by:

  • Connecting students to resources as they navigate their college journey (scholarship information, academic materials, advocacy, mentorship programs, etc.)
  • Collaborate with Academic Support Center – Spanish Language Tutoring
  • Encourage students by connecting with successful Latin@ leaders
  • Establish Graduate School Information Seminars
  • Institute a Latin@ Alumni Chapter and Peer-Mentorship Program
  • Connect with Community and Business leaders in Fields of study
  • Immersion Experiences – promote opportunities to explore Latin@ and Latin American communities in the Midwest and Latin America and the Caribbean