Academic Connections
Academic Connections

The Center for Latin@ Studies at Ferris will connect faculty and colleges to Latin@ and Latin American studies and communities by establishing:

Faculty Cultural Exchanges and Partnerships

To create meaningful and respectful partnerships between colleges, faculty and local Latin@ communities, CLS will host Faculty Cultural Exchange activities. Through these, faculty will:

  • Learn about opportunities available in Latin@ communities to share with interested students
  • Participate in community activities designed to connect Ferris faculty and organizations/businesses affiliated with Latin@ communities. Faculty and colleges can request supports to connect to specific community arenas

Language and Cultural Studies

CLS supports formal learning about the history, culture, and experiences of Latin@s in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean by providing:

  • Promote formal, academic Spanish language development
  • Host seminars and highlight research on issues relevant to Latin American and US Latin@ communities


Ferris State University-Hispanic Heritage Month Panel Discussion

The panel discussion was on the topic, "Hispanics Role in Michigan's Rebirth."