Latino Talent Development Program

As current trends and demographics shifts suggest, the Latino community in the United States is rapidly growing and will continue to have a profound impact on society, culture, relationships, consumerism, the workforce, the economy, and business. Organizations wishing to gain a competitive advantage should seek to better understand and enhance the experience of members of the Latino community in their workplace (Rodriguez, 2008).1 Young Latino individuals wishing to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace and in the community should seek to develop as a professional, a leader, and as an engaged citizen while leveraging their innate advantages as a bicultural individual.

The purpose of the Latino Talent Development Program is to equip young Latino professionals with the skills, resources, and confidence needed to become leaders at work and in the community.

The Latino Talent Development Program provides:

  • A unique networking opportunity for Latino members of the community
  • Valuable insight into cultural differences that impact behaviors in the workplace
  • An opportunity to test newly developed cross-cultural skills in a safe learning environment
  • Insight and feedback from subject matter experts as well as thought leaders from the Latino community.

Latino Talent Development Flowchart

Last updated: 11-12-2013