Platinum Level Sponsorship: $120,000

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Your Platinum Sponsorship will pay for the following annual costs of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Innovation

Commitment is for a minimum of 1 year

    • $35,000 New Gen Start Up EXPO
      • Advertising to grow participation and attendance with billboards, signage, flyers, website
      • Scholarships and/or venture capital valued at $20K to Pitch Afternoon winners
      • Trophies
      • Subsidies to offset booth costs for 20 students who demonstrate need (e.g. live > 50 miles away)

    • $20,000 New Gen Start Up Competition
      • Advertising to grow participation and attendance with billboards, signage, flyers, website
      • Scholarships valued at $10K to Competition winners
      • Trophies

    • $20,000 Global Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (GEBC)
      • Six scholarships ($18K) for Domestic students to attend
      • Student intern to capture GEBC on film for subsequent on-line course development
      • GEBC includes opportunity to be on international team of students to devise a global start up plan and compete in the Global New Gen Start Up Competition

    • $10,000 Seed Monies for On-Campus Student Entrepreneurship Organizations ($5K each)
      • Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO)
      • Global Entrepreneurship Club (GEC)
      • Monies used to seed pre-screened and approved money-making ventures designed to continually fund these student organizations

  • $35,000 Research Initiatives
    • One full-time Graduate Assistantship for student intern conducting research for calendar year
    • Research Initiatives include
      • Examination of leading Entrepreneurial Education Programs; used to substantiate FSU’s on-going certificate and degree programs with the development of cutting-edge Coursework
      • New Gen Start Up Balanced Scorecard development, which requires the identification of the key drivers, data collection, model development and verification, statistical analysis, and scorecard development. Licensing fee paid for specialized statistical software.
      • Annual update of key driver database, database and statistical analysis report maintenance, as well as electronic and paper publication of scorecard indices.

What You Receive

  • Major Presence on all pages of IEI’s Website
  • Primary mention in all press releases
  • Your firm’s name and logo exclusively and predominately displayed on all signs, flyers, billboards, etc.
  • Primary mention on television shows (e.g. Maranda) where FSU’s Extended and International Operations staff members periodically appear





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