Overview of Institute

Ferris State University launched its Institute of Entrepreneurship Innovation (IEI) spring 2013.  It has quickly become a global leader in innovative entrepreneurial education.  Its grass roots approach connects students to the real world of possibilities – around the globe – when they start up their own businesses.

First and foremost, Ferris' IEI encourages students to develop their core competencies in highly marketable areas such as software engineering design, optometry, accounting, mechanical engineering technology, nursing, product design, etc.  Each of these FSU programs is already highly developed.  As students develop their core capabilities, this institute engages the new generation (i.e. New Gen) of entrepreneurs with four primary objectives.


  1. Provide Entrepreneurship Coursework with a global/scalable perspective
  2. Equip FSU IEI students with capabilities to succeed in a global marketplace
  3. Offer Test Marketing & Sales Venues
  4. Secure Venture Capitalists’ connections for Networking & Funding Opportunities

Methods of Execution

The primary mechanisms used to accomplish these objectives are:

  1. Annual New Gen Start Up Competition
  2. Annual New Gen Start Up EXPO
  3. The merging of Ferris' student efforts of our two on-campus entrepreneurship organizations
    • Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (Domestic students)
    • Global Entrepreneurship Club (International students)
  4. Annual Global Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
  5. Annual Global New Gen Start Up Competition
  6. Masters of Global Entrepreneurship (under development)
  7. Certificates and minors in Global Entrepreneurship (some established; more under development)
  8. Periodic Capstone Courses that connect the New Gen with their respective industries*
  9. Research leading Entrepreneurial Education programs.  Use insights to develop Ferris' certificate and degree programs.  These insights also used to justify resource allocations and to ensure the IEI equips students with cutting edge capabilities so they can successfully compete on the world stage.
  10. Research to determine the key drivers of successful new business start-ups. Devise an effective and innovative New Gen Start Up Balanced Scorecard at the county and state level to measure new business start up performance here in the US.  Universities, community colleges, DECA program developers, think tanks, government agencies, sponsors and those who endow entrepreneurship activities may use this scorecard to make best in breed decisions and substantiate the allocation of resources that will achieve the highest number of successful new start ups.

*e.g. International Art Business Symposium 2013, which was held by IEI for KCAD fine art students. This afforded newly launched art firms direct contact with established art companies so students could potentially establish key wholesale accounts.





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