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Learning about innovation and current trends is an ongoing challenge. The publications provided through the Alliance, in multiple formats, enable busy educational leaders to stay abreast. Click on any image or link for a full-text, downloadable version.

A monthly informational compilation on an issue relevant to community colleges.

The Mission of the Community College: Relevant in 2015?
Dr. Diane K. Troyer
January 2015

Succession Planning: A President's Perspective
Dr. George Mihel, James Kelly, Dr. Don MacMaster, and Dr. Olin Joynton
November 2014


Leadership and its Intersection with Diversity
Dr. Thomas Rios, Dr. Felipe Lopez Sustaita, Wanda Hudson, and Natalie Gibson
October 2014


The Dilemma of Developmental Education
Dr. Deborah Daiek, Barb Bouthillier, Pam Lau, and Dr. Patrick Saxon
September 2014

July Cover

Higher Education is Dead,
Long Live Higher Education

Drs. Aaron Brower, Kim Kostaka, and Gregory Lampe
July 2014

June Cover

A Perspective on Strategic Planning: The Equal Partners of Process and Outcome
Dr. Fritz J Erickson and Mindy Baumgartner
June 2014


College Readiness: The First Step to Completion
Dr. Cynthia Wilson, Dr. Tanya McFadden, Erik Huntsinger, and Dr. Naomi DeWinter
May 2014


Finding Wonderland: Resource Development in Recessionary Times
Carol Churchill, Steve Nunez, Dr. Jan Karazim, and Paul Heaton
April 2014


Open Access and the Completion Agenda: Are They Compatible?
Dr. Chris Baldwin, Dr. Kathryn Flewelling, Lesley Frederick, and Arleen Arnsparger
March 2014


Workforce Development in the "New Normal"
Dr. James Jacobs, Dr. Fiona Hert, Alicia Booker,  Andrew Meyer, and Dr. Jeanne Bonner
February 2014


Who Will Lead Our Nation's Community Colleges?
Dr. Jeanne Bonner, Jon Mandrell, Kris Walz, Dr. Conway Jeffress, and Dr. Brent Cejda
January 2014

Imagine More
Essays, reports, and other student- or faculty-authored pieces.


The State of Workforce Development Initiatives at America's Community Colleges, by George Lorenzo

Exploring the Future of Community Colleges

Exploring the Future of
Community Colleges


Learning Leadership
These student-written publications feature an array of topics that address proven leadership attributes and strategies.


What Does Trust Have to Do with It, by DCCL Cohort One students


At Issue
An annual, singularly-focused publication that highlights a key issue facing community colleges.


Adjunct Faculty in Community Colleges: Issues and Implications, by DCCL Cohort Three students


Moving from At Risk to At Promise, by DCCL Cohort Two students

The Community College Baccalaureate, by DCCL Cohort One students


Competency-Based Education: Closing the Completion Gap, by DCCL Cohort Four students

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