Academic/Assessment Specialist

Joan Beadle
Phone: (231) 591-5805

Joanie 2012

Joan Beadle is the Academic/Assessment Specialist for the Ferris State University Charter Schools Office (CSO). Prior to her working for the CSO, she spent six years teaching at Baldwin Community Schools in Lake County. She taught elementary education, and later supervised the district’s K-12 Reading Intervention Programs.   She received her under-graduate teaching degree from Grand Valley State University and her Master’s Degree in reading with a K-12 Reading Specialist Endorsement through Grand Valley State University.  She is passionate about learning and believes in the empowerment of an education. When Joan is not working she enjoys running, bicycling, and hiking with her husband and three daughters throughout Northern Michigan. Joan joined the CSO staff in January 2012.

Duties and Responsibilities: Monitor the academic progress of students attending the public school academies authorized by the University. Establish contractual academic goals, develop assessment monitoring strategies and reporting methods that provide clear and detailed information demonstrating student achievement for each academy. Travel to academies to provide essential academic assessment and training support. Identify academic strengths and weaknesses of academies. Be knowledgeable and keep current regarding state and federal assessment programs, research and best practices.