Compliance Schedule

Compliance is the term used for the submission of forms and documents as required by Part 6A of the Michigan Public School Code, The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), and/or the Terms and Conditions of the academy's contract with the authorizer.

In most cases, the Educational Service Provider (ESP) will submit the appropriate forms and documents to the State of behalf of the Academy. If an ESP is not employed, the Academies that are self-managed should pay particular attention to the MDE CEPI website (found in the "Links" section) and to Epicenter.

In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, proposed minutes of public Board Meetings are required eight (8) working days after the regularly-scheduled and special meeting(s); approved minutes are due five (5) working days after the regularly-scheduled meeting at which they were approved.  Epicenter specifically states the due dates.

Other information is submitted to the CSO as requested by the CSO.