The Ferris State University Assessment Committee

The Ferris State University Assessment Committee serves to facilitate and enhance assessment at Ferris State University consistent with the expectations of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Where appropriate it may be fruitful for individual Colleges to form their own assessment committees to oversee assessment at the College level. The Ferris State University Assessment Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Articulate clear guidelines for assessment based on HLC expectations.
  • Provide current information about effective assessment.
  • Oversee the Assessment Web Page to insure its currency and usefulness.
  • Review the YARs to provide guidance to programs that need support.
  • Serve as a resource for areas seeking to enhance their assessment efforts.
  • Represent the concerns of the different constituencies regarding assessment to the VPAA and to adapt the university assessment effort to be responsive to those concerns.
  • Insure that assessment processes are owned by the program and faculty members who collect the relevant data and can make the appropriate changes based on that data.
  • Provide direction for and stimulate productive assessment activities such as assessment fairs, assessment training, and the recruitment of guest speakers.
  • Regularly audit assessment practices to help the institution achieve greater efficiencies.

The FSU assessment committee is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, is chaired by the Assessment Coordinator, and reports directly to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. The committee membership may vary but must include a representative of the College of Allied Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Services, University College, and Technology. As needed, representatives of The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Pharmacy, Optometry, the College of Professional and Technological Studies, and Kendall College of Art and Design may be included since they also are an essential part of Ferris' institutional culture of assessment. Representatives of other units may be invited as needed to plan and coordinate University assessment activities. The assessment coordinator will serve as Chair and member of the committee but will not be considered as a representative of the coordinator's college. The members of the committee may be either faculty members or members of the administration of the colleges they represent.

The Assessment Coordinator to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs is appointed by the VPAA and is responsible for chairing the Ferris State University Assessment Committee, for guiding that committee in fulfilling its obligations, serving as a resource person on assessment to the University community, with the Associate VPAA for yearly reviewing the YARs and bringing to the attention of the Assessment Committee exemplary programs and programs that need to enhance their assessment activities, for enhancing the assessment activities of programs that need improvement, for working to coordinate assessment educational activities, for leading teams to assessment educational forums, for providing educational resources on assessment to the campus community.