Part 9 Subpart 9-1 Travel and Entertainment Expense Incurred by Trustees

Sec. 9-101. Applicable Law Pertaining to Trustees' Reimbursement.

Trustees serve without compensation, but are entitled to actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of official duties.

Cross Reference:

Subpart 2-1. The University and the Board of Trustees under the Michigan constitution and related law.

Statutory Reference:

MCL 390.802 (1949 PA 114, as amended by 1963 PA 87 and 1963 (2nd Ex Sess) PA 22 and 1977 PA 231 and 1987 PA 157)

Attorney General Opinions:

Opinion No. 7055 (May 17, 2000) Disallowing tuition waiver for Wayne State University Board Members.