Part 8 Subpart 8-9 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Other Communicable Diseases

Sec. 8-903. Employment.

  1. In coordination with a campus-wide educational effort regarding AIDS and similar diseases, employees will be provided with factual information describing AIDS, how it is contracted, its degree of communicability, and other appropriate information.
  2. If the University becomes aware of any employee who is infected with any serious communicable disease, determinations respecting such person's employment status at the University, or any modifications thereof, will be undertaken on a case-by-case basis. Such determinations shall involve consideration of such factors as:
    1. The condition of the University employee and his/her ability to perform his/her job duties.
    2. The probability of infection of co-workers or other members of the University community, based on the expected interaction of the employee in the University setting.
    3. The possible consequences to co-workers and other members of the University community, if infected.
    4. Possible reasonable modifications to the individual's job to take account of his/her condition.
    5. Risk to the infected employee's health from remaining on the job.
    6. Other appropriate factors.
    The determination with respect to any employee shall be made following consultation with the Chief of Medical Services, the affected employee, the employee's treating physician, if available, and other persons only as they need to be involved in such a situation.
  3. The University generally will not disclose information concerning the health of individual employees to co-workers. Such disclosure will take place only if deemed medically advisable and legally permissible. The County Health Department will be informed of all cases of diseases required to be reported under State or federal law.
  4. This section will be periodically reviewed in the light of the most recent medical knowledge concerning the specific diseases to which it is applicable.
  5. This section will be communicated to the campus community.