Part 8 Subpart 8-9 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Other Communicable Diseases

Sec. 8-902. Education and Public Relations.

  1. The University, in its public service role as an institution of higher education, will by various means provide for its students, faculty, staff, and administrators, and for the residents of local communities, educational information concerning Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ("AIDS"), its symptoms, the known means of transmission, and precautions for avoiding or reducing the risks of contracting AIDS.
  2. A presentation for key administrative personnel will be held during each spring quarter. The program will convey the standard information on AIDS, to be augmented by a summary of the various position statements in this subpart. Invitations will include copies of the American College Health Association's ("ACHA") folder, "AIDS, What Everyone Should Know."
  3. Each campus residence hall will conduct an informational presentation on AIDS as part of the resident assistants' programming. Health Center and Peer Outreach students will serve as presenters. The presentations will be repeated every fall quarter, if deemed necessary.
  4. A larger presentation will be held for all interested persons. In announcing the presentation, it will be stressed that the purposes are to dispel misconceptions and to educate the public concerning AIDS. The announcement also will be worded to invite faculty and staff members and students residing off-campus, as well as local community residents.
  5. All University-operated clinic services and biological laboratories will implement their own information presentations on AIDS to their students, consistent with this subpart.
  6. All presentations, if possible, will be supplemented by audiovisual materials available from ACHA. ACHA's AIDS folders will be on hand for distribution at presentations and on stock at the Health Center. If need be, a written capsule summary of presentation information will be carried in the FYI and the TORCH.
  7. In response to valid public inquiries on AIDS which concern University students or employees, the Office of Public Affairs will consult with the Task Force members (especially the Health Center Director and the University's General Counsel) before answering the inquiry. ACHA's general standards in such handling such inquiries are as follows:
    "In general, it is recommended that no specific or detailed information concerning complaints or diagnosis be provided to faculty, administrators, or even parents, without the expressed written permission of the patient in each case."
    It should be noted, however, that every possible effort will be made to address valid inquiries by explaining the extent of the University's educational programming and health safeguards concerning AIDS.