Part 8 Subpart 8-8 Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Sec. 8-804. Health Risks.

  1. Any individual choosing to abuse alcohol, or illicitly use alcohol and other drugs, needs to be more aware that there may be a variety of health risks associated with this behavior. Chemical dependency, or addiction to alcohol and other drugs, is a chronic progressive illness which, if untreated, can be fatal.
  2. However, it is not necessary to become addicted to or dependent upon any of these drugs to experience a wide variety of personal and/or family problems. "Harmful involvement" with any of the drugs mentioned here may show up in a number of different ways. Use of alcohol and/or the other drugs may result in poor judgment; poor coordination; lessened concentration; slower reaction times; impaired eyesight, slips and falls; self-induced burns due to fire; injuries from improper use of hazardous materials, tools or shop machinery on the job or in class; motor vehicle crashes. In addition, personal motivation and productivity may decline. Quality of work and cooperation with others may also be jeopardized.
  3. The impact of alcohol abuse and illicit alcohol and other drug use is also seen in both family and social circles. Continued use and abuse often times may increase problems in existing dysfunctional family/social systems impacting on significant others, spouses, children, parents and friends. Friendships and work relationships may suffer and personal relationships including marriages very often become strained to the point of separation or divorce. The incidence of alcohol and other drug use involved in car crashes, violent and petty crime, and domestic violence and sexual assault is well documented and very high.
  4. It is important to note that while we as individuals may not be personally affected by the behaviors and consequences noted above, each of us, at one time during our lives, will probably have to deal with a friend, family member or co-worker who is struggling with his or her use/abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs. Beyond the risks of use, however, the University wants to highlight the personal and social benefits of an alcohol-free and drug-free environment.
  5. As a community, we encourage individual members to reach their full potential as persons and citizens, unencumbered by destructive or counterproductive patterns of behavior.