Part 6 Subpart 6-4 Nepotism and Favoritism

Sec. 6-401. Employment of Family Members.

In order to guarantee equal employment opportunity to all, the University permits the employment of family members subject to policies and procedures intended to avoid conflicts of interest, favoritism, operational difficulties and similar problems. Any request to make an exception to the specific conditions must be supported by the divisional vice president who will then obtain the President's approval before the employee can begin working.

The President, or his or her designee, shall develop policy and procedures regarding immediate family members, and the types of employment opportunities which may constitute a possible conflict relating to nepotism or favoritism.

Cross Reference:

Subpart 7-1. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Subpart 7-3. Policy on Non-Discrimination.

FSU-HRPP. Human Resources Policies and Procedures, Nepotism and Favoritism

Prior Board Action:

Entire Subpart 6-4 included in October 19, 2001 Codification, Phase I.

Entire Subpart 6-4 included in October 22, 2004 Codification, Phase II.