Part 4 Subpart 4-5 Tuition and Fees

Sec. 4-501. Role of the Board in Establishing Tuition, Fees and Other Charges.

The authority to establish tuition, fees and other charges imposed by the University is vested by the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan in the Board. The Board, upon recommendation of the President, shall set and determine:

  1. General tuition, except that the President is hereby delegated authority to set and determine tuition rates (within parameters periodically approved by the Board of Trustees) for the programs and courses periodically offered (i) at temporary, off-campus sites, or (ii) on a pre-negotiated basis to sponsored groups (cohorts), in either case by the University Center for Extended Learning and/or by Ferris State University - Grand Rapids, which tuition rates may differ from the tuition otherwise set and determined by the Board of Trustees for the University;
  2. Room and board charges for University housing;
  3. Special fees, if any, for the construction, improvement, maintenance and use of new or improved facilities for fostering of athletic, dramatics, social centers, residence halls, music and similar activities in conjunction with the debt financing for said projects;
  4. Special fees, if any, for student access to the services, treatment, and benefits offered by the Birkam Health Center.

Statutory References:

MCL 390.821 et seq. (1953 PA 55, as amended by 1959 PA 214 and 1987 PA 160)

1953 PA 55 relates, inter alia, to the acquisition, purchase, construction and financing of residence halls, housing units and social centers at Ferris.

1959 PA 214 relates, inter alia, to the acquisition, purchase, construction and finance of health residences and facilities, and facilities for athletics, dramatics, music and other similar activities.

1987 PA 157 and 1987 PA 160 and 1987 PA 162 relate, inter alia, to the change of name from Ferris State College to Ferris State University.

Prior Board Action:

July 14, 2000.