Part 10 Subpart 10-9 Intellectual Property Rights and Electronic Distance Learning Material

Sec. 10-903. Persons Covered by this Policy.

This policy applies to all full-time and part-time University faculty, staff, administrators, and adjunct faculty; or anyone acting in the capacity of a faculty member, professional and graduate and undergraduate students, working with or without monetary compensation on any project under the direction and control of the University; and anyone using University facilities or conducting activities under the supervision of University personnel at any location. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Policy does not cover full-time Board-appointed faculty members that are otherwise covered under the terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Contracts and subcontracts shall include language determining the ownership of Intellectual Property that is developed by those working under the terms of the contract or subcontract. This is also true for those hired as independent contractors.