Honors/Business Administration Program 3-Year Degree
Woodbridge N. Ferris
"Permit and encourage a student who has the ability to do four years of scheduled work in three years."
- Woodbridge Nathan Ferris, Circa 1885

Why Choose Business Administration?

Building on a core of business courses, this program features a sequence of major courses and honors courses, and also provides the opportunity to engage in applied learning through the careful selection of directed electives, internships, and study abroad experiences.

Students may also design specialized areas of concentration which could include such fields as international business, finance, entrepreneurship, operations, human resource management, accounting, applied statistics, computer information systems, communications, marketing and computer science. The possibilities are almost endless.

You will study under highly qualified faculty members who have combined their academic credentials with extensive work experience. You will also supplement classroom instruction with the chance to earn University credit while gaining work experience through our internship program.

The Three Year Track

Students who demonstrate exceptional academic abilities will be able to complete this course of study in only three years. The shortened time period combined with a study abroad component and two internships makes this program unique and exciting. The suggested sequence of classes is illustrated further on in this communiqué.

Earn an MBA as a Fourth Year Option

Students wishing to continue one additional year can earn an MBA. This highly sought after, prestigious degree is offered fully on-line, and can be completed anywhere your new career may take you.

Get a Great Job

The Business Administration major provides an avenue for immediate employment and for advancement to upper levels of management. Employers seek graduates for positions ranging from business manager and sales representative to production supervisor and project planner. Graduates of the program obtain positions in manufacturing, retailing, construction, financial institutions, government and a host of other fields. Students also find this major to be of value in preparation for law school.

Honors/Business Administration 3 Year Program
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

YEAR 1 (42 credit hours)
(during summer, take ISYS 105 at Ferris, at another college and transfer in, or take the proficiency test)

Fall (17 cr. hours) Spring (16 cr. hours) Summer (6 cr. hours)
HNRS 100H ENGL 250 Study Abroad (Directed Elective)
COM 121 H ACCT 202 May, June, July, and/or August
ECON 221 ECON 222  
ACCT 201 MGMT 301  
STQM 260 Foreign Language II  
Foreign Language I (global)    

YEAR 2 (37 credit hours)

Fall (15 cr. hours) Spring (16 cr. hours) Summer (6 cr. hours)
MGMT 370 REG-Gen Ed — H Internship (Directed Elective)
MKTG 321 BLAW 321  
FINC 322 ISYS 321  
MGMT 302 MGMT 447  
ENGL 325 INTB 310 or 335  

YEAR 3 (30 credit hours)

Fall (15 cr. hours) Spring (15 cr. hours)
MGMT 373 Internship (6 credits)
BUSN 499 MBA online course MMBA 601 or Directed Elective
200 Level CE H MBA online course MMBA 612 or Directed Elective
MGMT 350  
Science (lab)  

Complete MBA (optional)

Summer Fall Spring
  MMBA615 B MMBA799 B

Note: MBA classes are taught in concentrated, seven week format rather than 15 week semesters.
A = 1st 7 weeks; B = 2nd 7 weeks.

Pre-admit Guidelines:

Students must be admitted into the Honors Program prior to beginning this program. Students will bring credits earned through AP, CLEP, dual enrollment, or articulated credit that will meet freshmen level general education courses in some combination totaling 21 hours.

Advantages of the Business Administration degree program:

  • Earn a BS in 3 years, MBA in a 4th year.
  • 2 Internships, specifically developed and coordinated with the Department Head and Internship Coordinator.
  • Study Abroad opportunity built into program.
  • An Advisor who specializes in working with this population of students and who is knowledgeable about all aspects of this program: internships, Honors courses, and Study Abroad.
  • Individualized program plan (based on the individual student and the specific courses they bring to FSU)
  • Cost: 1 less year of housing, meal plan and tuition expenses.
  • The opportunity to jump start an MBA degree by choosing MBA courses as directed electives.

Advantages of the Honors Program:

  • Single room housing accommodations 
  • Additional scholarship 
  • Priority registration 
  • Volunteerism 
  • Complementary tickets to cultural events 
  • Leadership opportunities 
  • Peer and Faculty mentor programs 

Contact Information:

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call either the College of Business or The Honors Program.
  • College of Business Management Department: 231-591-2427
  • The Honors Program: 231-591-2216