Ferris State Honors Residence Halls
The Honors Program at Ferris State University: Residence Halls

Honors at Ferris is a residential program. You will enjoy an upscale, single living space (suite) in Henderson, Miller, Pickell, Puterbaugh or Ward Honors Halls including laundry facilities and personal mailboxes. There is a surcharge for the cost of the private room which will be partially offset by the Honors Residential Life Scholarship.

Honors hall lobbies may include TVs, air hockey, a pool table, a piano, vending machines, and table tennis. All rooms are wired for Internet access and voice mail. Honors faculty advisors and staff are located in Pickell and Puterbaugh Halls.

Students in the Honors Program are required to live in one of the Honors residence halls and rooms during their first and second years of college; many students live in Honors halls for all four years.

Ferris State University, an Equal Opportunity institution, is committed to enhancing equity, inclusion, and diversity within its community.  For more information, see the offices for Diversity & Inclusion and Equal Opportunity.  Applicants requiring accommodation or assistance in admission to or participation in the Honors Program should contact honors@ferris.edu


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Housing Charges

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