Honors Senior Symposium 2010
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The Senior Symposium takes place once a year, the last Saturday in April.

The Honors Senior Symposium is an opportunity for graduating seniors to come together and share what they have learned with the campus community. It's a means of encouraging intellectual activity and allows all of us a chance to see what students have been working on in their various classes. Also, it allows freshmen, sophomores and juniors to see the "evolution of a student", and gives the graduates a chance to end their academic careers on a high note as they talk to undergrads, staff, administrators and professors about their projects.

Four students won a Best Presentation Award for their senior project:

Travis Woiderski and Steven Hart
Travis Woiderski and Steven Hart, College of Engineering and Technology Students. 

Julia Julia Przybyla, Mathematics Education

Jason Jason Workman, Biotechnology

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