Ferris State Honors Peer Mentor Program
Ferris State Honors Program Peer Mentor Board

An Honors peer mentor is available to:

  • help ease students into the college routine
  • help the students acclimate to Ferris/Honors/Big Rapids
  • keep the student apprised of the requirements of Honors (cultural events, RSO, community service, etc.)
  • increase bonding to the community
  • lend a helping hand, when needed

New Honors students meet with their peer mentor for multiple hours during Welcome Week. After that, they will meet at the peer mentor’s discretion.

Ferris State Honors Peer Mentoring Program on OrgSync

Honors Peer Mentoring E-Board Members (above - standing left to right)

  • Abby Timmerman, Coordinator of Honors Welcome Fun Day
  • Sarah Millershaski, Executive Board Member
  • Erin Munsel, President
  • Jenna Matelske, Board Member
  • Molly Czarnecki, Vice President
  • Erika Seagraves, Board Member
  • Hannah Rillema, Executive Board Member

 Advisors:  Charles J. Malone, Honors Advisor; Tammy Babcock, Honors Faculty Support

Mission Statement

We, the Honors Peer Mentoring Board, exist to organize and assist the incoming honors freshmen with the tools to succeed in their first year of college, including matching them with a peer mentor and providing opportunities to get to know the campus, community, and their fellow freshmen.