The Honors Program at Ferris State University - Current Students

The Honors Program at Ferris State University - Current StudentsWe, as Honors students at Ferris State University, aspire to achieve excellence through our commitments to:



  • for intellectual autonomy and academic excellence so that we may be prepared to contribute to the advancement of our chosen professions by completing at least ten credit-hours of Honors coursework


  • our time and energy to advance the public good so that we develop as citizens by completing 15 hours of community service per semester,  joining a Registered Student Organization and ultimately leading our peers


  • cultural and ethical horizons to engage a global society through attending cultural events and seeking out challenging opportunities for service and leadership


  • in the honors community, abiding by the honor code, to foster curiosity, dialogue and intellectual rigor in ourselves and others.

(approved by the Honors Student Council 10/7/2014)