Honors Senior Symposium

The Honors Senior Symposium is the ‘capstone’ or culmination of your Honors experience. It ought to reflect your interests and your experiences as well as showcase your ability to learn autonomously. As such, there is no definitive formula or template that we can give you to complete your capstone: they will be as unique and varied as the students in Honors.

In the tradition of academic symposiums, the Honor's Program Senior Symposium celebrates the independent learning of students in our program. Each year students share their work through condensed talks and poster presentations on a wide range of projects. These reflect preparation for graduate school or careers; they become a creative outlet, or further intellectual aspirations.

At the same time, the capstone ought to be connected to some aspect of your undergraduate career. We would encourage you to use an internship, Honors contract, practicum or research experience as the basis of your symposium poster.

Symposium posters and the presentation must demonstrate:

  • autonomous learning
  • critical and independent thinking
  • the ability to ask penetrating questions appropriate to the field
  • effective communication according to disciplinary and professional standards

The best symposium projects:

  • are original
  • represent an actual contribution to knowledge
  • are accessible to non-professionals yet interesting to professionals
  • are clearly tied to a class or experiential learning experience during the student’s final year.

Your project will be presented through a written abstract and visual component. For help with choosing a topic, see “How to choose a topic.”