Ferris State Honors Programming Board 2013-14

The mission of the Honors Programming Board is to maintain and improve communication among students, faculty and administrators. Honors students will represent the issues, concerns and ideas of the Honors student body on social and academic functions of the Ferris State University Honors Program.

The Honors Programming Board is in charge of annual events such as the Honors Variety Show and the Honors Formal. They also create community service options, help design Honors shirts, and recommend ways to improve the Program.

The Honors Programming Board, formerly called the Student Advisory Board, was established in January 2004. In fall 2007 it gained RSO status under the guidance of Anthony Coy (CAS '08 grad).

E-Board Members 2013/2014:

President - LeAnne Barstow

Vice President - Jenna Grimm

Secretary - Breann Baranski

Treasurer - Logan Bixman Fall 2013; Kansas Jankowski Spring 2014

Social Chair - Leesa Deadwyler

5-Star Chair - Evan Kleikamp