Alumni Success Stories

Ferris Honors Alumni - Jason BockJason Bock
Graduated May 2000
B.S. Criminal Justice

I graduated from Ferris in 2000 with a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice. Since then I have worked as a police officer for the Lansing Police Department. Looking back on my college years now I realize that all of my CJ teachers had something to offer me. My CJ professors all wanted to make us the best police officers that they possibly could. I felt that the in depth/hands-on training they provided had prepared me very well for the world of police work, and it had, but I also know nothing but on the job experience can really prepare you for this life.

My fondest memories of life in Honors had to do with living in Carlisle Honors Hall. To this day the closest friends that I have are the friends I made while I lived in that dorm. We had a lot of fun going to the cultural events together, and the fact that the Honors Program paid for the tickets was a huge bonus, since I probably would not have attended those events if I had to pay.

A funny thing that happened in Carlisle Hall had to do with an event that I was in charge of as an R.A. over there. The good news was that so many students showed up for my program that our hallway was jammed; the bad news was that the fire marshal came and had to disperse the crowd in the hall. The irony is that these programs are voluntary, and so none of the students had to show up, but they did, and that attests to the good rapport we had over there.

I had a lot of fun in college, but I did study hard, and I did plan ahead. I think those were the keys to my success. Of course, it was a constant balancing act, but once I got the pieces to fit in place, and knew which pieces were crucial, then it worked all right after that.